The plot and how to stop it?

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The plot and how to stop it? Empty The plot and how to stop it?

Post  Liberio on Wed May 26, 2010 3:22 am

the world is in the year 2040, turns out 2012 was right. A metorit came down carrying a parasite, this parasite causes people to hate all they once loved, everything sunlight friends family pets. It allso gives them super senses and super strength and they only eat meat. A human with the parasite changes the parasite eats away at there fat so they have to eat anything they can get there hands at, including humans. People with the parasite aren't mentaly stable. Since the apocalips a company apeared vowing to help people, since the world was in fear they decided to despritly make them there leader of about 70% of the world. Since then the company has turned, bad, not caring about the people only there own gain, there is even a tax on water. However they did manage to get the parasite posatives down in numbers foceing them to live in closed in places. Due to the parasite positives humans hae closed together in major citys such as new york and such, forcing the parasite positives are forced to live in abandoned citys. Sounds nice right? Wrong, the company used nucular weapons to take down the parasite positives. Since then humans have started mutating with machines and animals, and some devoloping powers. So the question is, whos side are you on?

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